World in Brief: Jan 6, 2010


The BBC reports that Mount Nyamulagira, one of the most active volcanoes in Africa, erupted on Jan. 2. The eruption sent lava into the Virunga National Park, threatening the many species of endangered wildlife inhabiting the area.


According to the BBC, the Afghan parliament has rejected 17 out of Karzai’s 24 cabinet nominees. The rejections stem from the belief that many individuals were selected to repay political favours rather than for their competency.


The Globe and Mail reports that a Somali man has been charged with two counts of attempted murder for an attack on Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard. Westergaard is the artist responsible for 2005 cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad.


According to the BBC, a pastel work by artist Edgar Degas titled “Les Choristes” has been stolen from the Cantini Museum. The piece was on loan from the Musee D’Orsay in Paris. The French national museum service places its worth at £710,000.