World in brief: Feb 10, 2010


According to the Globe and Mail, 21 nations were present for the Feb. 1 talks on how to stifle Yemeni terrorism. While some favoured a militaristic approach, others believed that economic growth would ensure stability in Yemen.

According to the BBC, Iranian President Ahmadinejad supported the launch of a rocket into orbit containing rats, turtles and worms. The purpose of the rocket launch was to display the progress of Iran’s space endeavors.

The Globe and Mail reports that a Google search engine knock-off was created in China. The site is a rebuttal to the dispute ensuing between Google and China over censorship. 380 million Chinese currently use Google.

The Telegraph reports that a pheasant has been terrorizing English villagers. The bird in question has been known to chase children walking home from school. Many locals believe that the pheasant is acting out of revenge.

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