World in brief: Dec. 1, 2010


Dr. Roger Abdelmassih, a leading fertility doctor, was charged for the sexual abuse of 39 of his patients. He has been subsequently sentenced to 278 years in prison. Each patient claimed the abuse occurred either while in a recovery room, during an exam, or as sedation wore off. Abdelmassih will serve a maximum of 30 years for his crimes. He denies all of the charges.

PARIS, France

A 69-year-old woman, trapped in her bathroom for three weeks after the door lock broke, was finally rescued this week. Banging on pipes proved useless, as neighbours started a petition to stop what they thought were noisy workmen. Finally, a neighbour noticed her mail had not been collected in weeks and notified the police, having survived on tap water alone.

CAIRO, Egypt

The construction of a social centre was halted after the project was suspected to be misusing the building permit to construct a church in its place. Christians outraged by the half of the construction began forming street riots, claiming discrimination. They attempted to storm the Governor’s office in Giza, but were beaten back with tear gas and rubber bullets by anti-riot police.

SEMARANG, Indonesia

Muslim cleric Pujiono Cahyo Widianto was sentenced to four years in prison on Nov. 24 for marrying a 12-year-old girl. Due to public outcry, the 46-year-old man had been in detention following the ceremony in 2008. He has planned to appeal the decision, claiming he did not intend on consummating the marriage until the girl went through puberty.

—Compiled by Leeza Pece