WLUSU projects offer solutions for students


Re: You Know What Yanks My Cord, Sept. 4

I appreciate the concerns that Keith Marshall brought up in his piece in the last issue of The Cord. I just want to clarify a few items which were mentioned.

Firstly, the website will cost $40,000 up-front, but the operating costs are actually less than half of those of the previous site. Further, the up-front cost will be paid off within the next few years through revenue opportunities that the site provides — a net savings for students.

Also, to clear up some confusion, the previous construction in the 24-Hour Lounge was meant to prepare for the major project that occurred this year. There was not any redundancy in the construction over the past few years.

The LCD TVs also were meant to better communicate with students and our new sponsorship strategy which is in the works will help offset those costs as well.

After all of the projects this summer, Wilfrid Laurier University Student’s Union (WLUSU) remains in a better financial position than it was in on May 1st of this year even though we improved facilities and services for students.

Lastly, compulsory fees that WLUSU deals with total less than $450 (and that includes health and dental if you don’t opt out of it which accounts for nearly half of that), not $700 as was stated.

If anyone has any concerns or further questions, please feel free to contact me or flag me down when you see me around campus and I would be happy to explain this more.

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