WLUSU has misplaced values thus far

“It seems that Laura Sheridan and WLUSU in their wisdom have decided to remove some of the couches in the 2-4 Lounge and replace them with a number of rather uncomfortable single-seat chairs with a swinging desk.

Their intention is to turn the 2-4 lounge into more of a study space and less of a lounge; the single-seats offering more opportunity for less-awkward seating for those wanting to avoid contact with other life forms.

There are a couple more major problems with this, however.

1) WLUSU seems to be spending frivolously on unnecessary projects; these new chairs and tearing down a wall in the 2-4 both quickly come to mind.

Why not use the newly renovated Hawk’s Nest during the day?

Surely placing a staff member there can’t cost much more than a load of new furniture.

Why doesn’t WLUSU spend their (our) money on things that actually benefit us in a real way like keeping book prices in the bookstore more affordable like many other school’s Students Unions do?

2) What happened to Laura Sheridan’s platform based on “transparency”?
Sheridan neither asked the students if they wanted this transformation, nor did she let them know that it was even going to happen.

Every person I have talked to on the issue hates the idea, and is angry that they had no say.

It would seem like Sheridan is a little intent on just giving us her own vision for Laurier, rather than actually trying to serve us.”

–Nathan Thomson