Water fluoridation is a public health issue

Most students are not aware that the Region of Waterloo fluoridates their water with hydrofluorosilicic acid, an untested liquid, scrubbed from the chimneys of the phosphate industry.  It is the cheapest form of fluoride, and comes mixed with traces of mercury, lead, arsenic and radioactive materials. 

As you read this, citizens of Waterloo are fighting fiercely against the status quo to get the Region to end this practice by telling the City of Waterloo to “turn off the fluoride”.  This question is on the Oct 25th election ballot in Waterloo.  You should become involved, because it’s your health.

Students have a choice — ignore all this — stay inside the safe bubble of university life, or you could become politically active in the City of Waterloo.  The Fluoride Question is about your daily health.  The other question — Amalgamation talks — is about the sovereignty of the city itself.  If you really don’t care who is mayor or who is your ward counsellor, you could at least care what’s in your drinking water each day and how it affects your body.

You could consider that students are the most powerful voting block in the city in any election, if they ever rose up!

—Peter Mansell