Wait, Justin Trudeau was here?

Apparently, the Liberal party leader Justin Trudeau visited our school on October the 5th in order to present his platform to the student body. However, this was publicized so poorly (some might even say it was mismanaged) that many people, staff, students and myself included, learned of the event after he had concluded his visit. To be succinct, I am upset. To those who organized this event I would ask the following: why was the student body as a whole not informed? Do we not have an email system with which mass emails are sent out almost daily? We receive messages about sales at the bookstore, however we aren’t informed when have the opportunity to interact with representatives of our entire country. What’s going on there? I posit that this event should have been made known to the student body as a whole regardless of year or program because our votes count.

Whether this was a private, or a public press event the fact that Trudeau posted a video of it on his Facebook page does make it appear public. We, the student body deserve to know when prominent political players visit our school, especially during an election campaign and certainly if said visit is publicized after the fact.

Our votes are important, and we have a say in the future of this country. We are the current students of Canada, the upcoming work force and those who will lead this country into the future. The parties that we vote for represent our ideals and our vision for this country. We are not ignorant. We do not walk around with our eyes and ears closed to the social, economic and environmental state of the True North Strong and Free.

Young adults will shape the future of this country on October 19th 2015, because despite being pushed to the sidelines and despite having incredible opportunities such as this held from us we will do what we do best. Our research.

We are informed and We Will Vote.

– Ruth Schmidt

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