Unsigned: The meaning of running an unopposed student election

Campaigning for Students’ Union elections is now officially underway, but the selection for president seems pretty bare.

With only one person running, what does that mean for the election?

We can see this “race” for president going in one of two ways.

The first is that the lone candidate takes the election as a for granted win. The second is that he works even harder to get the approval of the voters, proving to them and to himself that he truly belongs at the head of the Students’ Union.

In this circumstance more than ever, the voter is left up to their own moral decision.

It seems easy to choose the candidate and platform that seems most qualified, but with only one applicant, there is no one to compare him to.

What happens if you read his platform and only agree with half of the things he proposes? Will you vote “yes” simply because you see no other option?

That’s entirely up to you.

So it seems a better question would be what does this mean for our student body?

It’s safe to say Laurier boasts itself as a close-knit university community. Students are involved in so many activities and know so many people.

This is exactly why it seems so surprising that there is only one applicant for this position of a leader of our community. There has to be more than one qualified candidate from our diverse student body.

We implore all of our readers to still think critically about their decision this election season. Make sure you make a vote that you agree with and not just the one that you feel you have to make.

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