Unsigned Editorial – Encore’s move to new location signifies more than just growth

CordUnsignedEncore, a record store in downtown Kitchener, is moving from its current location to a bigger store. On the surface, this move obviously signifies some sort of growth for the business. But, digging deeper, this move signifies much more for the region and its collective identity.

In the age of the multinational corporation, the task of running a local record store becomes a very difficult one. Unable to compete with bigger establishments like Amazon, several record stores across Ontario are closing down; but not Encore — Encore is expanding.

For the Kitchener-Waterloo area, perhaps this move signifies the deep-rooted culture of supporting local businesses. This tradition can also be noticed with the continued operation of Old Goat Books, Princess Cinemas, Orange Monkey and even the local beer industry.

Undoubtedly, Encore will continue to face stiff competition from the likes of Amazon, but with the spirit and dedication the people around here have when it comes to supporting local businesses, they just might continue to operate for decades to come.

Moreover, it can be said that, although we are in the age of the multinational corporation, we also happen to be in the age of revival, sparked by collective feelings of nostalgia. Sale of products like vinyl LPs and Harris Tweed jackets that are otherwise gone and forgotten have begun to make a vigorous comeback.

It shows that, notwithstanding the lure of innovative and disruptive technology, the people of K-W are committed to supporting their local arts and culture scene. Above all, it shows that they are committed to the small, tangible and aesthetic gratification received from interacting with local businesses, be it a record store, a cinema or a distillery.

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