Unsigned: Creative writing is a pathway to success for students

Creative writing has many benefits for the average student. Whether expressing your opinions or using writing as an outlet, personal writing has a positive impact on your everyday life. Writing outside of the classroom can also be essential to getting a job after university. Essays are great in a certain context, but the real world is much less formal.

Chances are, we’re never going to use MLA citations ever again, but knowing how to write in order to express yourself is an invaluable skill.

The more you write, the more proficient you become. When you write more, you find inspiration from the most unlikely of places. Thinking more critically and creatively can do nothing but help you. That can give you confidence in your academic writing as well. It’s a tangible piece of work that you can be proud of when it’s finished.

It can also be a very enjoyable activity when you have choices and control over the content. It can be especially cathartic. It’s more genuine when you are writing for yourself.

Writing, like any art, gives you an outlet beyond yourself. It’s bigger than putting words on a page because those words have meaning to you, especially when you’re making your writing choices for yourself. Every big idea starts out on a written page. It allows you to develop your imagination and to build on ideas that are already in place. It can give you perspective that you wouldn’t get otherwise.

Writing is both an art and a talent. Like drawing, photography, or dramatic performance—having the ability to express your thoughts and feelings is invaluable.

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