University students don’t need online dating site


With the announcement of the new dating site for students,, it seems that all students’ woes in finding dating opportunities will be gone. Thank God there is finally an opportunity for students to find that special someone who shares their common interests, who is similar in age and is in the same life-space. Where else in university can you do that?

It’s too bad students can’t enrol in programs at universities with other individuals their age who are interested in the same subjects; it is a shame that no one can meet anyone else in classes and talk about their mutual interests. It’s unsettling that there aren’t residences at universities where students can interact with each other, away from their parents. And if only there were some student clubs or organizations where people could meet each other, or bars or pubs where students could do away with their inhibitions and flirt shamelessly with eligible bachelors and bachelorettes.

If only any of these opportunities existed.

Seriously, what genuine need is there for students to find their one-night stands and two week-long relationships on the Internet? There are so many more convenient ways to find people right in university – right down the residence hallway or somewhere else on campus. Why go through the hassle of hunting down a catch online?

University is about interacting with people around you. Don’t sit behind a computer screen and search out your next date. Turn off your computer and go find people. Online dating is for people who have explored every other option. Please, for all our sakes, hopefully that’s not the case for you already.

– The Cord Editorial Board

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