Union limits unobserved by some candidates’ campaign promises


Inevitably, with any election, unattainable promises are a given. This is no different in the current WLUSU election. The platforms of some candidates for WLUSU president and board of directors demonstrate a misunderstanding of the mandate of the student’s union. While some of the proposals are thoughtful, they fail to recognize the limits of the union’s reach.

WLUSU does not have direct control over businesses like the Terrace or the Bookstore. Furthermore, academic issues like course materials and class sizes are not part of the union’s mandate.

While it is important for the candidates to be starting discussions about the issues they care about, they must realize that speaking to issues beyond their control raises students’ expectations unnecessarily. Students should also be aware of what the union can and can’t impact and students shouldn’t reward candidates who offer unrealistic proposals.

This should most definitely be a legitimate campaign on the issues but the candidates must also keep the mandate of the union in mind.

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