Unavailable grades an inconvenience

Even though second semester is already underway, some students have still not received their marks from the fall semester. Unfortunately, this is not a new problem for Laurier students.

Professors are supposed to adhere to guidelines set out in the collective agreement, which states they must submit grades to the registrar’s office within 96 hours of the final examination.

Though this may seem like a short amount of time, it is necessary to begin the process of uploading marks in order to have them ready for students before second semester begins.

Students are given deadlines throughout the year and are expected to adhere to them. If they do not meet these expectations they are penalized.

However, some professors do not seem concerned with punctuality when it comes to meeting deadlines for students.

Yet professors are not solely to blame. The university administration does not enforce the policy set out in the collective agreement, which provides little motivation for professors to follow through on the guidelines.

Students are paying significant amounts of tuition fees for efficient services.

It is ridiculous that by mid-January grades still have not been made available for students.

Both university administration and professors have a responsibility to fulfill their contractual obligations, especially when students are the ones impacted if they don’t.