UBB negatively impacts everyone


I kindly ask you to please provide coverage of the recent ruling by the Canadian Radio-television Telecommunication Commission’s (CRTC) regarding usage-based billing. It’s clear that it’s just a completely ridiculous decision to put in a cap of just 25 GB for internet bandwidth and charge an additional two dollars per GB.

If you do a bit of research, you will see that the NDP gained a lot of support over the past two days because it’s the only political party that really cares about this issue. Additionally, you might find it interesting that one of the members of the CRTC board actually worked for Bell for many years. It seems like a great conflict of interest to me, and someone like him should not be allowed to sit on the board.

I really hope that you will keep the pressure on them. It also affects you. Once the cap is implemented, a lot of people will have to block every single ad on your website to save traffic. This will result in less revenue for you too. This issue just practically affects each and every Canadian and PR in this country.
Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I really hope you can provide extensive coverage on this. There is also a petition to which 0.6 per cent of the entire nation already signed on to (close to 200,000).

-Alexander Herbold

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