Transparency needed


WLUSU has refused to release the detailed budget and list of expenses for last year’s Charity Ball.

In her platform, Laura Sheridan assured transparency within the union, yet it appears that this was an empty promise.

It is the responsibility of WLUSU to provide students with numbers; by refusing students the budget of the 2008-09 Charity Ball, WLUSU is violating the rights of students.

Sheridan states that the budget has been withheld because it is incomplete, but the final numbers for last year’s Charity Ball were supposed to be completed by mid-summer.

If it is true that the union has no numbers available at this point, there must be substantial disorganization and miscommunication within the union.

Furthermore, with the 2008-09 Charity Ball donation totaled at approximately $250 it is an embarrassment that WLUSU has sanctioned a student group that hosts elaborate parties under the pretext of raising money for charity.

The union has allowed members of the Laurier student body to mislead other students, sponsors and the entire community. WLUSU must be accountable for their colossal mistake and deteriorating Laurier’s reputation.

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