Tirade in defence of Taylor Swift is bizarre


RE: Attack on Taylor swift uncalled for, Nov. 17

I am by no means a professional writer, but I do believe that “unbiased journalism at its finest” is what a newspaper strives for, being impartial but informative.
I am very confused at the newest Letter to the Editor in the most recent Cord “Attack on Taylor Swift Uncalled for,” where this hyper Taylor Swift fan goes on a very humorous rant, attacking a recent piece of writing in Arts’ Bites. When you state an article unbiased, try not ending your ridiculous tirade totally contradicting yourself calling it biased.

If I am not mistaken, I am pretty certain that a staple in high school writing classes we were taught that the use of clichés weakens your argument, rendering it almost comedic. And yes, you used them! “Whatever floats your boat,” “wonder of wonders.” Unfortunately this did not add any wit to your clause and makes your highly opinioned article almost as silly as your ridiculous obsession with the pop star.

—Danielle Dmytraszko

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