1. This article fails to address the two most important issues surrounding the statues debate.

    First, there is a $2000-$4000 cost associated with the installation of each statue. Meanwhile, there are a number of neglected of maintanance issues on our waterloo campus, namely the state of our building signage (see http://www.thecord.ca/letters-to-the-editor-january-15-2015/ for details). Prioritizing Laurier’s resources on unnecessary projects such as these statues is extraordinarily misguided in light of these maintenance concerns. This level of mismanagement is bewildering when considered alongside the other concerns voiced by members of the Laurier community.

    Second, the project simply makes no sense: at Wilfrid Laurier University, it is nonsensical to feature statues of other Prime Ministers.

  2. This is a laughable “article” and I’m surprised the Cord would even publish it. I could sit here and dig through the mountains of misrepresentations and untruths heaped upon this corner of the internet, but I choose to spend my time on things more meaningful than addressing the temper tantrum of a young white man who lost a fight on campus. Get over yourself, Spencer.

    What I will say to the folks who might be reading this article is that you should be proud. You should be proud of your fellow students who have fought against this project and taken on powerful positions at this university and made a huge impact. You should be proud that the faculty and staff at this university know what social justice means and why it is important. And you should be proud of your Student Union president, who sat down for dozens of hours with students from this school, listened to their concerns, and communicated them impeccably on the Statues Advisory Committee.

    Don’t listen to the loud and crass who believe racial oppression is simply a case of “hurt feelings”, and don’t let the privileged folks in your communities bulldoze over your voice just because they feel entitled to take up all the space.

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