This week in quotes


“I think there will be
fewer of me around, more of you and you’ll probably be more
frustrated than you are now.”

—Geoff Stevens
Laurier political science professor describing how he sees the university environment in 2020

“Now everyone and their mother has seen Eat Pray Love which is kind of travel porn in a way and I think that does a lot of things to open women up to the possibility and opens them up to the strength [of travelling alone] but you have to have that passion there in the first place.”

—Alison Schofield, Laurier alumnus on backpacking solo as a woman

“Instead of helping solve social problems, we attack the victims.”

—Henry Giroux, professor of English and cultural studies at McMaster University

“Somebody said to me recently, they’ve carpet bombed Waterloo region.”

—Athletics Director Peter Baxter re: the CCES testing the entire teams at both the University of Waterloo and Laurier

“The primary goal of a restrictive government is clear: to make power invisible.”

—Henri Giroux, addressing the invisible barriers surrounding race, age and socio-economic class

“I was joking with my colleague down the street [UW athletic director Bob Copeland] that knock on wood all our tests are clean, when we play them next year we call it the Clean Bowl instead of the Battle of Waterloo.”

—Athletics Director Peter Baxter

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