There is no apartheid in “Palestine”

I am extremely disappointed with the article written in this past week’s issue of The Cord regarding Israeli Apartheid Week.

Firstly, did you know that neither the author nor the editor were actually present at any of the IAW events? How can you claim to provide an accurate representation of the incidents that occurred at an event that you didn’t even go to?

Another issue I had with this article was that the author should have contacted students who attended the events and were unaffiliated with either side to provide insight into how the images made them feel.

Further, Hillel Waterloo is targeted as the only group who opposed these images. There were many Jewish students not in Hillel, as well as non-Jewish students who felt offended by the IAW events. Nevertheless, the author singled out Hillel – a cultural Jewish organization without a political mandate.

The author writes, “The three ‘offensive’ images paralleled the apartheid of the Palestine to the Holocaust.” This sentence indicates that the author believes that there is apartheid in “Palestine.” Clearly, the author didn’t realize that not everyone believes that apartheid exists in Israel, or “Palestine.” As a school newspaper, The Cord shouldn’t have any political predispositions and should have refrained from making such an outright claim.

In conclusion, I don’t think that such an inaccurate article should have been published at all. If The Cord thought IAW was a newsworthy event they should have put in more effort to ensure that they were doing the story justice.

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