The tie that binds


In the Jan. 24, 1969 edition of The Cord, the editorial board placed a call-out for newspaper name suggestions because of the irrelevance of “The Cord.” This was a response printed in the letter section the following issue:

In light of comments in the Jan. 24 issue of The Cord, I wish to share this information:

The name “The Cord Weekly” does have special meaning for Waterloo Lutheran University and its students, faculty, staff and friends.

In designing the crest for this institution back in the 1930’s William H. E. Schmalz, a K-W architect, designed what has become the official WLU crest. Along the top of the shield of the crest he placed a purple and gold length of cord that was to symbolize the unity of all the members of the academic community. In other words, we are bound together in friendship, loyalty, and respect in our quest for truth and beauty.

The purple and gold cord was adopted as the name of the student newspaper. It would be the hope of many members of the academic community, past and present, that this name would be retained as the one of the fine traditions of WLU, now 58 years-old.

Henery Endress
Vice-president, University Resources

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