The rumour mill


The title may be deceiving, but no, unlike many of the people whispering the “I heard this” and “did you hear that?” I refuse to speak of what I don’t have the knowledge of.

What I will do though is hopefully clear a few things up, put you at ease and if anything, help you realize how ridiculous most of you sound while your gossiping about an “explosion,” “burst pipe,” or even “knowledgeable workers who were waiting for this to happen.” These are all statements I’ve heard by the way about the flood that occurred in Wilf’s over the past weekend.

There are a few things I do know after walking through our beloved Wilf’s the other morning and that’s if there was an explosion it sure as hell wasn’t in that restaurant. Not to mention the thought that anyone working for our Students Union would want this to happen (waiting for the “inevitable”) is absurd. As for the burst pipe business, there are plumbers and insurance people working hard to figure out what did happen and as of now there is no proof of any “pipe burst.”

Furthermore, Wilfrid Laurier University Student’s Union (WLUSU) has excellent insurance resources thanks to an extensive review of our insurance policies a few years back that in fact put our Union in great protection in the event of potential catastrophes.

When it comes to Wilf’s, the bottom line is this: It sucks. No one could have foreseen this happening nor could anyone have wanted this to happen. Do you think I’m happy about a lack of spinach dip and Seagram wraps? Didn’t think so. Many people are working extremely hard to get an essential service for our students back up and running. All we can do is hope that progress continues and our student employees and staff are back at work as soon as possible.

We need to thank everyone involved for their extremely hard work in ensuring that this process moves as quickly as possible. I personally can vouch for how hard the Late Night Society, Wilf’s, Turret and WLUSU staff have been working to ensure most of our programming remains available and accessible to all students and they are doing a remarkable job.

Finally, what I cannot stress enough is this: Ask questions. Talk to people who are working and in some cases volunteering a countless number of hours to ensure that WLUSU is doing everything they can to improve your experience here at our incredible school. They are there for a reason and trust me when I say we want to be approached. Get informed, so the next time someone talks about an explosion, you can be the one setting the story straight.

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