The resolution: yea or nay?


Why do we make new year’s resolutions anyways? Why is it that we need a specific date to decide we want to make a change in our lives? It seems like the ultimate form of procrastination to me.

Every January the gym is flooded with eager resolutioners who have made a promise to themselves to get ripped, skinny, strong or whatever it is they think will transform them into a better person. And then sometime around Jan. 20 the crowds begin to disperse and everyone goes back to the life they lived before the big day of change.

Don’t be mistaken; I am not knocking bettering yourself or physical fitness.
Both are worthy goals to strive for, but really, you do not need to wait for Jan. 1 to change your life. I say, change today.

I know, “change today” sounds like a terrible title for a ridiculous self-help book, but honestly, life is short.

Relying on an arbitrary day to jump-start your journey of self-improvement is ridiculous.
Why not decide to start reading more, start learning to cook, sleep more or be nicer to your family? Do the things you think you need to do to be happier right now.

Think of it this way: if you only ever waited ‘till new year’s to begin bettering yourself, you would only have 60 or so chances in a lifetime to change the way you live.

If you see every day as an opportunity to make changes that will make you a happier, more content and a more complete human being, that number grows immensely.

Whether you are trying to make habits or break habits, change is hard. The day you start has nothing to do with how successful you are in making that change.

So get on it, be the better person you long to be and don’t wait another 365 days, by then you could have already reached your goals.

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