The Implication of Forced Birth on Women’s Rights 

Image credits to the New York Times.

On June 24, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) overturned Roe v. Wade – a step that stripped individuals of reproductive rights they have a right to as human beings. Now, the states are able to determine whether an individual with a uterus can choose what to do with their body if they happen to fall pregnant – a 50-year step back in an age where we all like to say that we are “enlightened” in comparison to those who came before.   

Of course, as soon as the pure and innocent life is “spared” and birthed onto a rapidly decaying planet, the child will be exposed to a life where they are set up to fail from the moment they take their first breath.  

“But it’s a living human! Those who get an abortion are murderers!” The pro-lifers cry, eyes glazed over by extensive harmful interpretation of religious doctrine and/or flawed education and logic.  

What about the individual carrying the baby? Are they not a human being with rights? Do they not deserve ownership over their body?  

According to the Supreme Court, they’re less than human – sentenced to a chillingly Handmaid’s Tale reality where those who can carry children are as good as livestock. Don’t be mistaken by “pro-life” – those that advocate and support this disgusting ruling are “pro-forced birth”. As soon as that child is born, these so-called “protectors of life” send “thoughts and prayers” when a school shooting takes lives while screaming about maintaining the “freedom” to carry the guns that shoot down these “saved” children.  

The worst of all is those who have turned their back on their fellow woman/individual with a uterus. They cheer while their rights are taken from them, declaring themselves as the “true mothers” who have come to see the light. We are divided amongst ourselves – squabbling over who is worthy of human rights and who is not, while the corrupted cis men sitting in their thrones of power smile as they watch us tear each other apart without having to raise a finger.  

Of course, they couldn’t possibly understand – they’ll never have to experience an abortion themselves. A fact which makes them capable to make decisions about it.  

Cis men who support fundamental human rights – the right to abortion – need to take a stand.  Clearly, those in power believe that they hold all the wisdom and knowledge in the world. While some are taking action, others are not – posting a cursory “support all women” or “I am pro-choice” on their Instagram before going back to their lives which will remain unaltered.  

This is a wake-up call. We – those who are having our rights taken – need YOU to take action for us. We are trying to do as much as we can, but when it comes to bending the ear of corrupt politicians, no one makes them take attention more than a cis man on his soapbox. 

This does not make you a “hero” worthy of applause – but a fellow human being residing on this planet that recognizes basic rights that all inhabitants of earth deserve. 

The world is watching – we cannot be silent.  

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