Student Union level of spending is absurd

RE: Financing student union projects, Sept 6th 

As a student of Laurier, I would love to see the Board of Directors and current president justify this absurd level of spending. We didn’t need these new LCD screens, we didn’t need the giant electronic sign on the front of the FNCC and we certainly didn’t need a smartphone application.

What students do need out of their elected officials is to approve spending where it is needed. Better yet, give me my $10 back and I’ll spend it in a way I deem appropriate. 

As a former ecohawk, I am appalled by this spending. It represents a profound waste of electricity that will benefit only a minority of students. If students need to know what the weather is like they can look out a window. If they need to know the hours of Wilf’s they can walk up to Wilf’s and look at the sign or look it up online. They are available on the WLUSU website.

This is not a big enough campus to justify these screens. 

At the very least the board of directors could have gotten some advertising money out of these expenditures. Did they not approach local businesses, banks, the beer store, LCBO, Grocery stores or Conestoga Mall to help pay down the cost of these projects? The lack of advertising on them tells me no one did. 

I challenge any current board member who supported this expense to justify their decision in a future Cord article.  

— Anonymous