Student Life Levy benefits everyone


RE: Yet another fee increase, Feb. 9

I am disappointed in the simplistic view put forth regarding the referendum to increase the Student Life Levy. A large percentage of students seem to think that they voted specifically for or against an expansion of the athletic complex, this is not the case. They voted for or against the student life levy, of which the expansion is a part of.

The expansion, I estimate, will use a percentage of the fee (maybe one third), the rest of that money will go towards life on campus. An example of what the levy has done in the past is improve facilities that students use like the stadium, Alumni Field, Dining Hall and the Terrace. This fee gives the campus and students’ union money to work with to improve campus life and I am surprised so many are against that.

As university students we are leaders in the world, promoters of new ideas and change; this is a way to do that. By contributing to the growth of the campus we contribute to the quality of life on campus. Based on the reported numbers, more than half of WLU students use the AC on a given week, and they presumably voted in favour of the expansion. Studies have shown that physical activity correlates with higher grades, and based on the article on the front page of the Cord: “First Years Struggling to Make the Grade,” I think improving the outlets on campus is imperative.

When it comes down to it, we are not just here to learn, we are here to grow. For many people that involves being healthy and in that case this expansion is a necessity. If you don’t use the AC, the money will come back to you eventually anyways; the levy will in some way benefit every student’s life while they are here and as a result, I am glad the referendum passed.

—Allister Scorgie

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