Steroid use is a problem that exists beyond the University of Waterloo


RE: CIS continues war on steroids, August 10th

Problem is they found 9 players at Waterloo by testing all the players. Until they test all players at all schools nobody should point fingers at Waterloo alone.

Guaranteed that you test ever player at every school you will find at least 9 players if not more on something, at each of these schools.

As a veteran player from the early 90’s I can guarentee there were players on Steroids and you can figure out pretty easily which teams had the most.

If they want to clean it up start with the pros which most of these kids are stiving to reach and that will end the “need” for highschool and university students to use.

Think the problem is bad in Canada go to the US where teams help cover up so they can be the best!

– Don

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