Snow babe is sexist

Re: “Naked snow woman is not controversial,” March 3 

I feel that the editorial board has shown ambivalence to the legitimate concerns regarding the “snow babe” sculpture.

While many complaints may be based on troubled neighborly relations, the problematic nature of the statue is based on its inherent sexism. Firstly, the position of the sculpture is overtly sexualized, distinguishing it from most public sculptures/paintings.

The fact that there is no head reflects that the ‘artists’ could not recognize that underneath every female body, there is always a woman.

Speaking out about this part of our culture is an important practice for many women (and men), and is often a necessity, particularly for those who experience sexual violence. It is irresponsible and dangerous of the editorial board to dismiss these arguments as they are ignoring how this incident is a representation of the systemic nature of sexual objectification/violence within our society and university.

–Jen Holden

Re: “Naked snow woman is not controversial,” March 3

I read the editorial regarding the snow woman with some interest. Whereas it is true that anatomically correct nude sculptures exist in many public places, there is also the very suggestive pose and the visual intent of the sculpture to consider. In this case, the creators should have been much more respectful of neighbourhood norms and restrained in their sexually explicit exploit.

–Jan d’Aailly