Skip the “Lonely Hearts Club” meeting this year

Warning, the content that you are about to read is going to be extremely soft. Those in the “Lonely Hearts Club” must be aware: this article may make you cringe.

Only the brave ones who are willing to be loving and optimistic can continue. Or, just read and make faces showing your disgust. Do as you wish, I have no control over the reactions caused by the readers.

It is a week before Valentine’s Day, and already the moaning and groaning has begun. No, I am not talking about couples behind closed doors (this is when we all hate our roommates, right?)

It’s the ‘lonely’ students who pass by Valentine’s Day displays and shield their eyes from the visual torture. Those warm, cute, pink and red hearts and teddy bears are too much to handle. Trying their best to avoid having these images imprinted in their minds, they turn to their pals and exclaim “I HATE Valentine’s Day!”

Now, now, why so much hate? Is it because you classify yourself as being ‘lonely’ on V-Day? Or hate the über-cheesiness that comes from this day? Hate chocolate? Roses? Hearts? Couples being disgustingly cute and actually celebrating this ‘commercialized’ holiday?

No, I know it what it is: the teddy bears are too darn cute — and you secretly want one! I had always been the “Lonely Hearts Club” top member. Chiming in with the complaints and constant eye rolling, Valentine’s Day seemed like a “dumb” holiday.

But in the past few years I noticed that I have had a change of heart (no pun intended) and it is not due to the fact that a guy decided to surprise me with a heart-shaped box full of milk chocolates.

In fact, it was exactly three years ago when I got a text message from my tech-savvy grandmother asking me if I would be her Valentine. My heart instantly melted and like the Grinch, it grew as well.

How could anyone not like a holiday like this when it gives people the excuse to get extra lovey-dovey towards family and friends?

From that point on, Valentine’s Day was reflected in a completely different light. It is about love but it should not focus on the crush or significant other. For those who are celebrating with their ‘sweethearts’ go right ahead, do not stop that tradition.

However it should also be towards the people who have always been there and cared about you. It gives you the excuse to appreciate those who are important in your life and I am sure their sentiments will be shared right back.

The lamenting that goes on with people putting emphasis on having to celebrate it with a crush needs to stop. Who cares that you don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend to celebrate it with?

Call your buddies and do something fun; something that you can all enjoy, laugh at and use to take a break from your academics-filled day. This does not include having a cry-fest with wine or complaining about being lonely. Is it not a lot more appealing to say that you actually spent your day with pals, taking advantage of chocolate sales and maybe jokingly giving each other flowers? I gave away a couple roses last year to few pals. It was fantastic and a tad cheesy.

The point is, too much angst and criticism and complaining is emphasized on this one day. I cannot even begin to list off all the tweets I have read of people freaking out over Valentine’s Day. But in reality, it’s just another day. Nothing to get so worked up over. Use it to your advantage!

Indulge in heart shaped chocolates and when you see your buddies, just give them a hug. Everything feels much nicer after a hug. And what if after all that and you still feel lonely and desperately need a Valentine? Come find me. I’ll “be yours.”

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