Sept. 23, 2009

5 years: Television episode filmed at Laurier doesn’t air

A television series about life on Canadian university campuses, was canceled before ever airing. The pilot episode entitled Scene on Campus was filmed at Laurier. The show planned to highlight different university campuses across Canada in each episode.

Printed Sept. 22, 2004

25 years: WLU experiences housing hardships

Due to Laurier’s housing pinch, in 1984 Laurier had to turn away over 500 students seeking residence because there was only space for 624 students. Most universities provided 35 per cent of their students with on-campus housing.

Printed Sept. 20, 1984

35 years: Picture show near death

The Cord reported that the Picture Show, KW’s smallest and only independent movie theatre located on Princess Street, was experiencing serious financial problems. The property had recently changed landlords, and the cost of rent and utilities doubled.

Printed Sept. 26, 1974