Sept. 22, 2010

“If a comet or asteroid hits the world and it’s big enough it could
destroy life as we know it. I don’t
know if anything could be done about

—Garry Potter, Laurier sociology professor

“We can hook you up with some mad discounts at our business operations.”
—Kyle Hocking, WLUSU board of directors chair speaking to the board about discount cards

“He’s the new Laura Allen, she used to second everything.”
–Chair of the WLUSU board of directors Kyle Hocking likening director Ted Brown to 2009-10 director Laura Allen

“I’m here for another two years, well likely three with the way things are working out.”
–Chris Walker, WLUSU board of directors

“Probably if you took a survey on the street, 95 per cent of people will have heard of global warming. Whether they believe it really exists is another question.”
–Garry Potter, Laurier professor of sociology regarding the popular perception and existence of climate change

“Free ride on a coach bus? I’m down.”
–Kyle Hocking, Chair of the WLUSU board of directors

“You probably won’t be surprised to find out that when they market it, students come. When we market it students think, ‘yeah right that’s like meet the dentist’.”
–Kim Morouney, associate dean of business: academic programs and assistant professor regarding SBESS marketing a potential “meet the profs” night

“If you think about it, our economy is insane.”
–Garry Potter, Laurier professor of sociology speaking about international commerce

“Abortion rights, everybody seems to be afraid to talk about so the best you get is things like men and women having equal rights in family planning…. I’m with Hilary Clinton and a lot of other people, I think women have to have access to safe legal abortions.”
–Rhoda Howard-Hassman, Laurier global studies professor and Canadian research chair