School should take note of baseball team’s redemption


CordUnsignedThe Laurier men’s baseball team won their first-ever Ontario University Athletics (OUA) championship with a win over the Brock Badgers on Sunday night. It’s been a long road back for the team, who went through a controversial time last year.

Men’s baseball was involved in a hazing incident at a rookie party and the university proceeded to suspend the team for four games. Following the lift of the suspension and a promise to “do good” in the community, the team filed an appeal to the university and athletics department at the end of the season. The appeal was eventually retracted at the beginning of 2013.

With a strong performance this year, all previous transgressions are in the past and it has become a truly inspiring story of perseverance. To not only come back the following season and boast a 14-8 regular season record, but to also give the school its best-ever result is a testament to the resilience of the team.

It sends a great message to other teams having disappointing years that anything can happen and hard work does pay off.

Once a new year starts, the one previous does not matter if you don’t want it to. People make mistakes but life goes on and there is always room for second chances, redemption and personal growth.

Students should take note that failure in one instance does not dictate who you are or what your future holds.  As long as you learn and make a conscious effort to improve, forward progress is always possible.

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