The safety net of parents and guardians

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There are many days set aside to honour and appreciate special people in our lives like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Family Day and Memorial Day.

We realize the significance and ideals that help us appreciate these people.

Yet, there is no ‘Parents Day’— probably because our parents deserve daily and eternal appreciation, honour, love and respect.

Sure, there is Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. But our parents or guardians are a singular team. One group that deserves celebration.

What is considered “normal” in this part of the world is seen as “abnormal” in many other parts of the world.

Our parents nurture us, love us, guide us and make every decision in our best interests.

Many feel entitled to this, as the norm.

Once we grow up and success is plenty, greatly thanks to our parents, we must not forget to share our joys with them.

In many parts of the world what is “normal” here comes as a shock to them.

Guardians are treated and perceived much differently, with the highest honour, appreciation and respect, which should also reciprocated towards them.

The concept of senior homes is nonexistent because the children will take care of their parents.

It is not seen as a grown son or daughter living with their parents, rather parents living with their children.

There is honour in that.

We should be doing more than showing up with flowers on Mother’s Day or posting collages on Facebook that they sometimes cannot even see.

If love and care were given to us every day of our lives, why do we express our love to them once, twice or even thrice a year? It should be constant and it should be unwavering.

Our mothers carry us inside of their wombs for nine months. The day we are born we instantly become the most important thing to our parents in the whole wide world.

Their needs and desires are second to ours.

Sacrifices are made in a heartbeat.

Many dreams are given up in favour of our wellbeing or best interest.

As always, my thoughts and opinions may not apply to everybody.

Different experiences may have shaped your attitudes accordingly.

You do not have to strongly agree or disagree.

All I hope is for there to be reciprocity towards our parents.

Happy birthday Dad!

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