Research post-grad studies before you apply

With the beginning of the school year comes the slow inevitable panic of fourth year students not sure what lies beyond April exams for them. Students will scramble to determine whether they want to find work, supplement their university education with a college diploma or apply to graduate or law school.

Students increasingly are finding themselves out of work upon graduation, or lacking the skills necessary for the modern, high-tech economy. There is a false assumption that more years of schooling translates perfectly into more work opportunities. The reality is that continuing with graduate education is not for everyone, and people need to keep the big picture in mind when planning their future.

The overwhelming amount of arts bachelor’s degrees in the workforce means that it has become increasingly more difficult to find a job. This has led to a large increase in enrolment in graduate programs. Before applying for graduate school, be sure it will actually benefit you in the field you hope to enter. If you still do not have a general idea what your career will end up being, perhaps take a year or two to work until you can determine for sure.

Speak to professionals in areas you think you are interested in, meet with professors and visit the co-op and career centre. Do as much research as possible before you decide to spend money on furthering your education.

Once you have confidence it is the right path, do your research in submitting a proper application, take the time to gather positive recommendations from a number of professors and proofread, proofread and proofread some more.

Graduate school is a serious commitment, and should not be treated simply as an extension of your BA.