Progress of campus construction disappointing

A number of major projects were undertaken this summer and, for several of them, their completion is to be applauded. The new Union Desk (UDesk) is now serviceable, the Concourse has been renovated and the 24-Hour Lounge is ready for students.

However, some projects are still sitting idle. One of the most glaring concerns on campus is the ongoing construction outside of the Terrace food court. After spending almost $1.5 million on the project and opening the extension last year, why is the centre of campus still completely blocked off for students?

This inconvenience was annoying but justifiable last year as construction crews worked to finish the expansion. But now, after a summer of more construction in the Terrace, why are we not finally ready to open that part of campus again? The black walls might add some class to the university experience but it is likely time to consider wrapping up the project once and for all.

Similarly, Foot Patrol is still without a permanent office. Wilfrid Laurier University Student’s Union (WLUSU) and WLUSU President Nick Gibson have offered assurances that the space for Foot Patrol in the Fred Nichols Campus Centre will be operational soon.

Foot Patrol is an important service on campus and it is disappointing that there was no permanent location set up in time for O-Week, a time when students are getting to know what is available on campus.

Many projects have been completed in time for the first week of classes. The timing and pace of several others leaves something to be desired.

—The Cord Editorial Board