One-sided coverage of Israeli apartheid week


Re: “A week of dialogue and debate,” March 10

I was really disappointed with the coverage of Israeli Apartheid Week.

I was hopeful when I saw that there was a whole page devoted to the week; however, I soon realized the article was very one-sided.

Although Laurier for Palestine put on several events with Students for Palestinian Rights, none of the events were covered. I understand that the speakers Israel on Campus called in claimed to not be representing anyone but themselves, but their views were very different than the speakers invited by L4P and SFPR. If CTV can find the time to attend some of these events, I think the Cord should be able to as well.

From a Holocaust survivor to university students who had visited the occupied territories, the speakers invited by L4P and SFPR were varied and worth covering.

-Gina Kish

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