Oct. 20, 2010

We have a large amount of money that
sort of ‘oops’ we forgot.** —Ted Brown,
WLUSU director re: the union being
$430,000 over budget for the Terrace

“I can’t speak to what the next president is going to say we need to cut inorder to save room to pay for the line of credit interest which I took out this year.”
—Kyle Walker, WLUSU president on
how the union will make up the money
spent on the Terrace expansion

“We’re not adding more food outlets, we’re not adding an A&W or anything
we’re just adding 100 seats.”

—Kyle Walker, WLUSU president re: Terrace expansion

“They both need to be called out…. It’s embarrassing for the CIS and it’s embarrassing for Laurier.”
—David Montoya re: Laurier football team’s forfeit of their win against U of T

“Basically the CIS was arguing on their basic right to make a decision, even if it’s a bad one.”
—Peter Baxter, Laurier athletics director re: CIS rule that caused Laurier’s forfeit

“A lot of people came here, someone once described it as ‘last chance U’ in a disparaging way. A lot of people were given opportunities here that wouldn’t have gone on to college.”
—David Pfrimmer, dean of Waterloo Lutheran Seminary on the loose admissions standards WLU once had

“We’ve got our own university and the league we play in costing us games.
It’s just a big pain in the ass.”

—David Montoya re: Laurier football team’s forfeit