Nov. 4, 2009

“Some people don’t quite understand it because we have different standards in terms of morals. Behind family [religion] is the number one priority on my life.”
–Football player Dillon Heap

“The officials and the students were just asked to bump elbows … it seemed to work out pretty well.”
–Director of news and editorial Kevin Crowley, on what was done at fall convocation instead of shaking hands due to H1N1 concerns.

“The moment of the announcement, to me, it was the culmination of 10 years of effort by a whole lot of people. It was also the moment when the Brantford campus became an established part of the post-secondary system in Ontario.”
–Principal and vice-president of Laurier Brantford Leo Groarke, who announced last week that he will be leaving Laurier after 25 years to take the position of provost vice-president academic at the University of Windsor.

“Any guess, get it on a crystal ball.”
–Nelson Kraus, owner of Tanem Developments, regarding the timeline in which Starbucks and Pizza Pizza will move from their current location at the corner of King Street and University Avenue to 12 University Ave.

“Do people invent them up on the weekends when they’ve had too much to drink?”
–Psychology professor Angelo Santi, regarding students’ misconceptions about animal research at Laurier.

“Who or what is an Indian and who decides that?”
–Photographer Jeff Thomas, speaking about the questions his work addresses. Thomas’ work is on display at Laurier’s Langen Art Gallery.

“Your character is measured by how you deal with adversity and based on that, our character is incredibly strong … To be where we are now is really a tribute to a group of kids that wanted to pay the price to get better.”
–Manager of football operations and head coach Gary Jeffries speaking about the 2009 varsity football team.

“We wanted to introduce a fun way to donate blood to students that might have never done it.”
–Justine Kormann, one of four Laurier master students who organized a blood drive for first-years. Students were transported to the blood clinic via limousine and were offered pizza and snacks.