Nov. 11, 2009

5 years: K-os plays at Turret

Canadian artist K-os played to a full Turret, showing Laurier a different side of mainstream hip-hop. He played songs from his then new album, Joyful Rebellion, Wu-Tang inspired beats, Bob Marley covers and Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 2”.

Printed Nov. 10, 2004

25 years: Students take landlord to court

A group of 40 students, two-thirds of which were from Laurier, banded together to take their landlord to court regarding his attempt to escape a loophole in the Landlord Tenants Act. The students sued the landlord as a test case to see whether or not they were technically tenants and protected under the act.

The landlord was charging pro-rated rent and had increased it more than six per cent over the course of a year. He stated that the students living in the building were merely boarders and not technically tenants.

Printed Nov. 15, 1984

50 years: Student council inefficient

In 1959 the University of Waterloo student council clashed with the student president.

The council was made up of students solely from the faculties of science and engineering, yet the president was an arts student, who was enrolled in Waterloo University College, which was separate from the university.

Discrepancies were constantly arising as to what exactly the students’ council was responsible for and who they represented, since the University of Waterloo and Waterloo University College (which still had obligations to Western) were two separate entities.

Printed Nov. 13, 1959