Nov. 10, 2010


“I said before the game to all the girls, ‘I want one too’.”
—Midfielder Alyssa Lagonia on winning her first OUA championship at Laurier despite being on the team for four years

“I remember us scoring on the next play but after that there’s a five or ten minute period that I just can’t remember.”
—Shane Kelly, Laurier quarterback on his injury during Laurier’s semifinal game vs. Ottawa

“I’ve got a year [of eligibility] left but I don’t want to push it, being 25, I’d like to move on with my life…. It gets kind of awkward when I’m walking around campus talking to 18-year-olds.”
—Steve Cormack, Laurier football defensive tackle, on finishing his career at Laurier

“We hand a blue cable sometimes to a first year student and they don’t even know what that is. ‘What do I use this for?’”
— Richard Godsmark, manager of infrastructure and network security

“Trust me, if we don’t get some level of enjoyment, if we don’t get joy out of what we do, it’s probably not worth doing or we’re not doing it right.”
—Alan Quarry, entrepreneur-in-residence and professor at Laurier

“It would be nice if we could put an access point in a room and say ‘don’t go outside this room’ but it doesn’t work like that.”
— Richard Godsmark, manager of infrastructure and network security re: WiFi signals

“Your generation must learn from us, living witnesses, while we are alive. You must think, if [the Holocaust] could have happened in a modern, enlightened place like Germany; could it happen here? Could it happen again?”
—Judy Cohen, Holocaust survivor

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