News in brief: Federal Election night 2011

Conservatives gain majority

The Conservative Party of Canada has won a majority government in this election, with 163 seats confirmed and leading in 3 others. The New Democratic Party have been confirmed as the official opposition with 99 seats.

Peter Braid wins in Kitchener-Waterloo

Unofficial poll results show that incumbent Peter Braid, candidate for the Conservative Party of Canada has been elected in Kitchener-Waterloo. As results continue to roll in from the final polls, Braid maintained his lead against Liberal candidate Andrew Telegdi, NDP candidate Bill Brown and Green Party candidate Cathy MacLellan.

Stephen Woodworth wins in Kitchener-Centre

Conservative incumbent Stephen Woodworth has been deemed elected, while the last polls are being counted in his riding. He will be defeating for the second time Liberal candidate Karen Redman and NDP candidate Peter Thurley.

Bloc watches leader fall

Gilles Duceppe, leader of the Bloc, has lost in his riding according to unofficial polling results. The leader has announced tonight that he is stepping down from his position within the Bloc.

Liberal leader falling behind in local riding

Michael Ignatieff, leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, was defeated by his Conservative opponent in the Etobicoke-Lakeshore riding. Conservative candidate Bernard Trottier has been named Member of Parliament, based on tonight’s unofficial results.

The Liberal party overall took a substantial fall at the polls. Only 31 seats have been confirmed, while still leading in three others, resulting in the party losing its position as the official opposition.

Green Party leader elected

According to the CBC, Green Party leader Elizabeth May has been elected in her riding of Saanich-Gulf Islands. This is a triumph for the party having not won a seat in previous elections.

Editor’s note: this story is being updated frequently as results are released.