New Year’s no time to make drastic life changes

One thing that I’ve noticed about myself as I get older is the frantic desperation I feel whenever the new year is approaching. I scramble to make both a mental and physical list of grandiose resolutions that are never very realistic or feasible to achieve.

I automatically set myself up for failure when I pen puffed up points that include losing twenty pounds in just two months, getting absolutely perfect grades or being an all around incredible wonder woman of a person.

I inevitably exhaust myself in less than a month of half-heartedly attempting my newfound proclamations. I give up entirely, eventually admitting my lackluster defeat.

I realize that I’m not alone in this overzealous way of thinking, as new year’s resolutions are basically a last ditch attempt at upgrading your personal software to the improved model you think you need to have, in order to be a better person.

I’ve learned — through my own personal fuck-ups — that it is pointless to create a plan relying solely on some sort of magical transformation.

Envisioning an entirely different person completely separate from who you are won’t do your mental stability and overall wellbeing any favours.

Starting simple is always more beneficial and breaking goals down into smaller tasks will work wonders for your own sanity and ability to follow through with what you want to accomplish.

The best anyone can do is to acknowledge the little things that they want to work on and realize that in doing so, they might end up improving any bigger problems they have because of it.

New year’s resolutions are great in theory, but don’t let the idea behind it fool you.

You don’t necessarily need to have a laundry list of things to “fix” about yourself in order to be a decent human being who finds success in their life.

Going into 2017 with definitive objectives in mind is excellent, but I’ve trashed the idea of doing so with the intention of becoming a person who ultimately isn’t me.

Yet, I think each one of us just wants to become a little less of an asshole, a little more determined and a lot more ready to take on the things that will eventually make us the most happy that we can be.

I’m more than thrilled to scrap 2016 and forge ahead with a positive mindset, prepared to embrace whatever my hazy future has to push in front of me. I know I won’t deal with it perfectly, but things probably wouldn’t turn out as interesting if I did.

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