May 19, 2010


5 years: WLUSU renovates third floor of the FNCC
In the summer of 2005 the Wilfrid Laurier University Students’ Union underwent $600,000 renovations. The intention was that the new space on the third floor of the Fred Nichols Campus Centre would be more accessible to students, as it would be clear where all the different WLUSU services were located. The new design featured improved lounge, more study space and grouped together full-time staff offices. With these renovations two businesses – TravelCUTS and Super Dave’s barbershop – were removed.
Printed May 25, 2005

10 years: Drunk driver crashes on campus
A man driving impaired down King Street on a Saturday night smashed his car into the Willison field (now Alumni Field) tennis courts. The drunk driver hit three cars on King Street and crashed after he swerved into Laurier’s parking lot while trying to evade Waterloo Regional Police.
Printed May 31, 2000

25 years: Plans to buy new residence building falls through
The university’s bid for a new residence building located at 344 Regina St. North was blocked, as the university had a stipulation that they would not purchase a building that had already-existing leases. Although the tenants (including 30 from Wilfrid Laurier University) were offered accommodations at another building close by, they chose not to accept the offer. The new residence building would have housed 40 first-year students as well as a head resident and dons.
Printed May 23, 1985

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