LMT review inaccuracy insults hundreds involved


Re: LMT impresses with theatrical talents

Last year the The Cord reviewed the annual Laurier Musical Theatre production and made the absurd observation that “LMT is the last frontier for musical performers at Laurier.” A music student leader wrote to The Cord, pointed out the inaccuracy, a retraction of sorts was printed, and life goes on.

This year The Cord again reviewed the LMT production and repeated the same absurdity as last year. Do you simply cut and paste from one year to the next? Do you quote press releases verbatim? Doesn’t factual accuracy matter?

The faculty of music welcomes students from across campus to audition for its ensembles and music students perform regularly on campus.

There are more than 350 music students who have been slapped in the face two years in a row by having their accomplishments negated by the Cord’s inaccurate nonsense.

There were 80+ student performances sponsored by the faculty of music last year. You must have your own reasons for not representing music students’ interests in your paper.

It’s a student paper and it’s up to you what you print. But I can’t let a dumb observation about the lack of musical outlets on campus go unchallenged.

When you review the LMT production next year, please leave out the glib tag line about LMT being “the last frontier.” It’s offensive to a significant portion of the student body and causes casual readers like me to doubt the veracity of everything else you print.

–Glen Carruthers,
Dean, Faculty of Music

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