Letters to the Editor Re: Poor voter turnout is a non-issue

To the Editor:

In the 1980s I came to Waterloo to attend university, and I recall the excitement of being able to vote for the first time.

Information on municipal candidates was largely dependent upon their pamphlets and some news articles. I became informed, made a choice and voted.

In 2014, that information is at your fingertips and there are on-campus debates to meet the candidates personally. Becoming an informed voter is easy and important.

Three months ago, I wrote a blog, Raising Voter Turnout: Responding to Three Excuses.

It is a good counter-point to Poor Voter Turnout is a Non-Issue. In particular, many students feel that they are only here temporarily and their opinion doesn’t count.

However you are electing a mayor and council for exactly the time that you are here in Waterloo: four years.

For the first time, both the University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University will host on-campus advance polls on Wednesday, Oct. 8.

If you sleep in Waterloo, you can vote in Waterloo. Drop in, show ID or sign a declaration (age 18+, Canadian Citizen, and reside here) and you can vote.

And you may be like me. After graduation, I made my home here. My vote in the 1980s was important.

– Dave Jaworsky
Candidate for Mayor of Waterloo

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