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Online anti-strike petition biased against faculty

In response to the current WLU/WLUFA labour negotiations, a petition against a faculty strike has been circulated online. At the time of this writing, the petition has over 1000 signatures. However, the wording of the petition is extremely biased. Though intended to target WLU administration, it singles out faculty as the cause of this possible disruption. It fails to mention that WLU administration is just as much at fault for failing to produce a reasonable offer.

The comments made by those signing the petition are disheartening. One signer states “it is outrageous to think the students should be the ones who suffer because the faculty cannot come to an agreement with the administration.” Perhaps negotiations would be more successful if the administration made better offers.

Students need to remember that deals that benefit faculty benefit students. The better salary and benefits the university offers, the more likely outstanding researchers from across the globe will be drawn to Laurier to teach. As such, I propose the following alternative petition:

We, the undersigned, do not support a faculty strike, nor do we support a lockout. We urge both sides to come to a decision so students are not disrupted.

If the faculty does strike, students will lose. Furthermore, we urge the university to treat faculty fairly in their dealings and to work honestly toward an acceptable compromise. To do otherwise would be against the interests of students.

This alternative petition can be signed here: http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/laurier-students-against-a-lockout-and-a-faculty-strike.html

–Justin Amaral

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