Le Fevre was ill-informed

Re: “Board lazy, again,” Letter to the editor Nov. 25, 2009

In response to the Rt. Hon. Colin Le Fevre’s claims that this year’s BoD is “lazy.”

I must voice my displeasure and address the confusion he’s undoubtedly caused with his remarks.

Regarding directors “not wanting to be part of a committee process,” Mr. Le Fevre might be interested in knowing that 14 of the 15 directors sat on at least one committee, with some directors sitting on several of them. Had this year’s Board truly been “lazy,” we’d have been missing more than just one director at the meeting and three hours wouldn’t have been spent debating the merits of each proposed policy change.

This isn’t including the countless hours before the meeting spent by each Director studying the 80+ pages of reading material required.

To insinuate that Board members are unwilling to do any work is utterly offensive to all directors.
Each director cares a great deal about WLUSU’s elections policy, because we want to ensure that, for example, clear and legitimate winners aren’t unfairly disqualified, resulting in the Union winding up with a President who garnered only a minute percentage of votes.

His Majesty seems not to have researched what he was talking about which is surprising and disappointing, considering his history with WLUSU.

–Greg Evans, WLUSU director