Laurier more than just a business school


With plans to build “Canada’s best business school” it’s evident that Laurier’s music, arts, science and graduate programs are no longer a top priority for the school.

While the university argues that the Global Innovation Exchange (GIE) building will meet the increasing enrolment in Laurier’s business programs, its sole intention is to raise the profile of the business program by placing the majority of the university’s funds and focus into the development of the building.

While the $103 million dollar building will provide facilities for those outside the business program, like a café and study space, it will ultimately provide amenities solely for those in the business school.
As for the remaining, and seemingly less important programs in Laurier’s eyes, they will get access to the business schools discarded buildings.

While the Schlegel and Peters buildings will provide much needed space for our overcrowded campus, it should not be used as a means to prove Laurier’s fairness in selecting which programs will receive the most support.

The slogan alone of building “Canada’s best business school” excludes the rest of the university. They are not concerned with building one of Canada’s best schools, but rather, decided that those in business should have more opportunities.

While it is always worthwhile to boost the national reputation of our school, it should not be at the cost of shifting academic balance. Post-secondary institutions should be well-rounded and offer a range of programs equally supported by the university.

We must recognize that the university is nothing more than a corporation, at some point their emphasis needs to shift from prioritizing what programs will attract the most money to what programs will ensure Laurier’s reputation exceeds being known for only one thing.

-The Cord Editorial Board

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