Laurier is no longer #1 in student satisfaction


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I remember when I got accepted into Laurier in 2019, and everywhere I looked whether it was online, in the viewbooks or emails, the heading “#1 in Student Satisfaction” was displayed everywhere.

Especially after the pandemic, Laurier’s satisfaction rating has declined. Students began expressing their opinions frequently through social media and notably on the Spotted at Laurier Twitter page. 

One of the main complaints I have been finding is the fact that the administration is not organized or quick with responses.

The number of emails will be increased as the pandemic has caused the majority of communications to be online.

Students shared the fact that the response times have been ridiculously slow, and when they do receive a response, it directs them to a different person. This is causing the wait times to increase even more. 

Another main complaint is the dining hall food. Recently, I saw a post on the Spotted at Laurier’s Twitter page that included photos of dining hall food that were not acceptable.

It included photos of raw eggs and chicken that appeared to be pink in the photo. A user even commented, “medium rare chicken in a dining hall special.”

How can Laurier expect students to pay for their dining hall meal plans when food like that ends up on someone’s plate

Will Laurier ever get back up to number one in student satisfaction? It’s hard to tell. Right now, it seems to be not. I have not seen any changes made to fix these issues. Some could say these complaints are a normal part of a large organization. Not everyone will be happy with Laurier.

But the numerous complaints heard in conversation and read online make me feel as though they really are doing something wrong.

Laurier experienced a massive decline, as in 2019 their ranking was #1 in the Maclean’s Magazine university rankings, and in 2021, it was brought down to #5.

The next question is – how will they increase their ranking and are they really listening to their student’s voices?

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