Kitchener must boycott VANOC


Since the awarding of the 2010 Olympics to Vancouver and Whistler, a growing network has resisted the social, cultural, and environmental injustices attributable to the Olympics.

The torch is planned to pass through Kitchener – this implicitly supports the injustices and destruction occurring in the name of the Games. For these reasons, we demand that the City of Kitchener back out of the Olympic torch relay.

In Vancouver, over $1.75 billion has been officially spent on the 2010 Olympics, overwhelming the capacity of the City and province to fund social programs.

One of the most obvious impacts of the 2010 Olympics is the failure of officials and legislation to protect vital ecosystems from destruction, mirroring the trend in legislation which allows continued unsustainable development in the region.

Finally, the 2010 Olympics are taking place on the unceded traditional territory of the indigenous nations of the Coast Salish people.

Despite band council support, the International Indigenous Youth Movement and the Native Youth Warriors continue actively resisting the Olympics.

Since our community is living on disputed land, it is absolutely critical to uphold the Two Row Wampum Treaty signed by the Haudenosaunee and European settlers.

To honour our treaty obligations Kitchener must satisfy its duty to consult for new development on the Haldimand Tract/Grand River Watershed area of the Six Nations people.

The Olympic Resistance Network Ontario (ORNO) and AW@L continue to resist the 2010 Olympics. The oppression and destruction represented by the torch is something we are not willing to allow in our city.

–Adam Lewis and Dan Kellar

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