July 27, 2010


July 27, 2005 – WLU’s hip hop celebration

Laurier business student Shadrach Kabango, or more commonly known as Shad, performed a sold out show at the Heuther Hotel Lounge. The show was put on by The Funkification Project, which generated so much buzz that it drew three WLU business professors to the audience, and provided Shad with a platform to perform his debut album When This Is Over.

Having begun his career as an emcee “freestyling at house parties” in London, Ontario, he was able to record the album after winner $17,500 from 91.5 The Beat’s Rhythm of the Future contest in 2004. While the debut of his album coincided with the end of his career at Laurier, Shad expressed no intention of abandoning his career as a hip-hop artist

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